Feb 26 2008

Look ma I’m famous…

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woodyp on the flashOK maybe not so much but it was kind of spoke to open my copy of the MSDN Flash today and see my own ugly mug staring at me. This was the first time that I submitted content to the Flash news letter so I did not know what to expect (ok so I did not submit it my boss did for me as I was disconnected when this content was due). But from the first day reactions I think I will keep this up, I have received a lot of email from my community and friends saying this is a good thing so look to see my face looking at you if you have customized the Flash for SoCal.

If you are new to this blog (from the Flash or not) welcome, you will note that I am quite inconstant on posting here but I consider it reducing the amount of noise on the web ;).

This is the fist post have done it quite some time, there has been many reasons for this (death in the family, being sick, traveling too much and more excuses) but I will be keeping up some constant blogging for a while if not here that on thecodetrip.com. I am about to get on a “Rock Star” buss with other geeks on my team for a 40 day code trip (d’oh). We will be going all over the western states and talking to people about the latest technology that Microsoft is announcing at MIX 08 in Las Vegas. We will have a lot of activities in the places we will visit and we will be posting a lot of content to the web site. If you want to know what we are up to go to the web site and subscribe to the RSS feed.

If you have anything you would like to see in future issues of the SoCal edition of the flash please let me know but the lead time is quite long 2 to 3 weeks so let me know sooner than later!

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