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Mar 22 2008

The Code Trip Is Coming!

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That’s right the Code Trip is coming to Southern California we will be doing some fun events while the bus is here. The bus will be coming from Phoenix to San Diego on the 24th some time in the early evening. We will be keeping the bus at my families winery in Rancho Bernardo (Bernardo […]

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Mar 13 2008

The Code Trip Map

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W00t late last night Jason got the Code Trips home page to be the map that we had originally wanted to to be there. You need to check it out! When we have Internet connectivity we publish to the server once a minute the potion of the bus and every 2 minutes any client looking […]

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Mar 08 2008

Great send off for Gary Gygax

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I am a D&D fan, the original D&D books were some of the fist non school books reading I ever did. The creator of the original game was Gary Gygax and I found out yesterday that he had died. I did not know what a good tribute to him would be but today from Scott’s […]

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Mar 07 2008

The Code Trip Bus ROCKS!

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This morning Tim, Jason & myself got up and walked a few blocks from the Venetian and found the Code Trip bus and all I can say is WOW! I was more than a little skeptical about the bus but all my doubt was totally erased. This bus evidently just came off tour with the […]

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Mar 05 2008

Is your IDE Hot or Not?

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I was looking for a Visual Studio settings file to get stared with changing my environment and I found this great site Is your IDE Hot or Not? so far my favorite and current environment is Jon Perot’s but I am sure I will try many more. Technorati Tags: Visual Studo,IDE,Settings

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Mar 03 2008

The Code Trip fun starts

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At TechReady in Seattle (A Microsoft internal training event) Tim Heuer and Jason Mauer made the introduction video for the Code Trip that is now posted on the Code Trip site. Check it out The Code Trip, film at 11 – The Code Trip. Technorati Tags: The Code Trip,Code Trip

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Mar 01 2008


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My good friend, MVP and super user group leader David McCarter  just released the first version of his long term code base dotNetTips.Utility on CodePlex. It is worth a look to see what little helper functions it has and please give him feedback! Technorati Tags: CodePlex,dotNetTips

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