May 10 2008

Lying to Ourselves

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Anyone who has ever gotten a ride from me in my car knows a few key things about me:

  1. I am a slob!

    • I can’t stand to clean my car and it’s a wreck inside and out!

  2. I love Public Radio

So I was shocked today to be in the car today and hear a show I had never heard before (ok maybe I just never noticed it before). It is called Radio Lab from WNYC, what got my attention was that were doing a story on Lying to Ourselves and the researchers in the story concluded that people who lie to themselfs are happier. The story was entertaining and the conduction sounded way too plausible it’s an interesting show and now I know way I am doomed to my fate I am just too damn honest with myself. I guess there are worse things! 😉

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