Jul 03 2008

Some changes for me

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I have been given a new opportunity at Microsoft, for the last three years I have had the position of Developer Evangelist. In that role, I have had the opportunity to work with all the Microsoft focused user groups in Southern California. This has allowed me to work with some of the most local, community-focused people I have had the privilege to know. This was a perfect fit for me as I had been active in running user groups for almost 20 years. As a Developer Evangelist, I also was able to represent Microsoft at events where the attendees were not always the most positive (and often quite hostile) about Microsoft. This included events like JavaOne, OSCON, various BarCamps and many other. I enjoyed each of these engagements, and while I hope I encouraged Microsoft sceptics to have a more open mind to Microsoft, I know that I learned a lot about the startups, entrepreneurs & angel\venture investors. In the past, I have started a product company, two service companies and worked at a product startup but I had never needed to or been able to get involved into the angel\venture investor side of being in a startup. This made the last few years quite interesting and educational.

With the new job I have moved into the Western Region Developer Platform & Evangelism Strategy Team where I will be managed by the only person that objected to me being hired at Microsoft, but I think he is over it now :). The new position will let me work full time with startups, entrepreneurs & investors. I will get to help startups implement or integrate with Microsoft products and services. Once I do what I do, others on my new team will work with the startups to create white papers and case studies that will be used to help produce PR for the startups as well as Microsoft. I don’t know all of the details of my new position, I have a team meeting next week where I will learn more about the job, but I am looking forward to this new opportunity.

The only bummer is that now I will not get to go to Hawaii a few times a year.

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8 Responses to “Some changes for me”

  1. Congrats on the promotion, Woody! I still remember you from the Facebook Developer’s Garage a year ago over at the MSFT building here in San Diego. Are you going to be relocating?

  2. Lynn Langit says:

    Congrats – and don’t go far away! Let’s keep having fun and working hard together.

  3. Al Pascual says:

    Congratulations! Its a great move. Does this mean now there is an opening for Evangelist job in SoCal?

  4. Woody Pewitt says:

    Aron, I am not moving I will still be here in SoCal, if you look at the investor community San Diego and Santa Monica are the two hot spots in SoCal. I will also do some travel to other cities in the west as needed.

    Lynn, You know me I am always up for working together! I still think developers are the way to make the biggest impact on adoption.

    Al, I don’t think they are planning on replacing me, SoCal has only ever been slated to have one DE.

    Thanks all!

  5. Woody,
    Sounds like a fun gig. It’s going to be interesting to see startups at such an early stage and be able to look back in a couple years to see what were the reasons for success and failure at many of the ventures. I’m sure we’ll still see you around in Microsoft land. Good luck on your transition to a new team.

  6. Way cool. Will you be able to collect in their IPOs?

  7. Ogun TIGLI says:

    Congratulations 🙂 Good luck my friend.

  8. Glen Gordon says:

    Best of luck, Woody! We’ll miss you in the trenches!