Dec 10 2008

Microsoft BizSpark?

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I have blogged about BizSpark in the past but now my associate Anand Iyer has posted and good blog post on how to join BizSpark in his post How do I join BizSpark? and he is even doing a web cast about what BizSpark is and why startups would want to participate in it.

Microsoft BizSpark: It’s value to you and how to enroll startups

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One Response to “Microsoft BizSpark?”

  1. I can’t recommend BizSpark strongly enough – it is great initiative, and not just for the free software. Recently, I’ve seen a bunch of "but you can download Linux and the GNU tools for free, without all this red tape" – but it really isn’t just about the free software.

    Since we became a BizSpark Network Partner, we’ve met a lot of interesting people with great ideas for new businesses (some of which aren’t actually eligible for BizSpark, some of whom are). We’ve had an opportunity to talk over their plans and help them focus on what’s going to hit them as they get their business going. As they progress, we’re always there at the other end of the email, or instant messenger, to offer a sounding board, advice or contacts when the time is right.

    I think people who see BizSpark as a "free software" initiative underestimate the value of the network to the startup.

    On the flipside, we get introduced to some great business ideas, very early, which is good for our incubation/spinout activities.

    It really is win-win, right from the start.