Dec 31 2008

Is it just me or what?

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q9-dustI have had three Motorola Q phones in two different models, two of the original Q and now the Q9m both from Verizon. I have enjoyed each and while I which the line had more RAM they have been great for me but (there is always a but) I have had a unique problem with each of them. Over time I get dust under (yes under) the display glass… most people I have shown this to have been in disbelief in seeing it. The response normally goes “no you can’t get dust under the display it’s sealed” and I have never see anyone else with this issue but here it is…

Look in the lower right of the screen (click the image for a bigger view) you will see a “plume” of dust that is under the top display glass. It looks like some gap around the button the right side must let air in to the display. At this point I have had this phone for so long that when I am in bright light I can’t see through the dust!

I have been to Verizon many times to complain and they are correct it’s not there problem and after a few rounds of emails with Motorola I get “your out of warrantee”, “that is not covered” or best “that can’t happen”. So now I am stuck with a phone I can’t use outside much, I would love to know if anyone else has seen this or better yet found a fix. In my humble opinion this is 100% a Motorola and they don’t want to take responsibility witch is said as this type of phone is so good in every other way.

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One Response to “Is it just me or what?”

  1. Tim says:

    you are not alone. search google for q9 dust and you’ll get a ton of hits. it’s a universal problem with the q line.