Mar 01 2009

Why My Wife Was Glad I did not Seep at Home Last Night!

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SNC00020Today I at Startup Weekend LA and so while I am up in Los Angeles where should I eat? Pink’s of course… OK so this was the first time that while close I had the time and motivation to wait in the line (I am told it’s always at least a 30 minute wait) and wow was it worth it!

SNC00017I had a basic a Bacon Chili Dog and fries and now I am totally craving a Poli Bacon Burrito Dog! While there some “famous” guy walked up of course I am so out of it that I did not know who he was but a bunch of people in line got pictures with him while we all waited (he waited like the rest of us, I thought that was quite cool of him, I just looked him up it was Donald Faison). If you ever find yourself close to Pink’s I totally suggest you give it a try, I may find myself down there again this weekend!

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2 Responses to “Why My Wife Was Glad I did not Seep at Home Last Night!”

  1. becky says:

    Great meeting you at Startup Weekend LA! You really helped me with the business thinking I need — I already have the technology, but I needed to understand the business better, and you really inspired me. I will be in touch! BTW, the Myspace page does not talk about my tech pursuits, but it’s fun ( :

    — Becky (one of the female twins)

  2. Woody Pewitt says:

    Nice to meet you and your sister as well I am glad I could be of some help\inspiration. Let me know if you need any suggestions or advice on any implementations.

    — Woody