Mar 07 2009

Q3 Architect Councils

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The West Region DPE Customer team (the team I work for) is just about to start our 3rd quarter Architect Councils. This Architect Council will be the last in person set of events our team will be doing this fiscal year 4th quarter will be all virtual.

This time around the topic is “The Importance of the Client” we will cover The Value of the Client, The Changing Face of the Web, Creating Powerful Applications on Computers and Devices and The Future of the Client. This is a topic that I am passionate about! Way too often software developers are now creating only online experiences for there users but ask a consumer I bet you often they don’t like the experience. Compare that to when the consumer gets a rich client application I will bet dollars to donuts they prefer the client application.


Click on the city name for details and to register

3/24/2009 – Bellevue, WA
3/25/2009 – Mountain View, CA
3/26/2009 – San Francisco, CA
3/31/2009 – San Diego, CA
4/1/2009 – Irvine, CA
4/2/2009 – Los Angeles, CA
4/7/2009 – Denver, CO

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