Jun 01 2009

My Day at the Southwest Computer Conference

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Yesterday I was please to present to the Southwest Computer Conference with David Lynn. We presented two different sessions, the first session was about the Microsoft web sites tips and tricks and the second was about Windows 7 and Windows Live.

For the first session I talked about how to find information you want on http://www.microsoft.com. My first suggestion was don’t rely on the home page to get you where you want to go try typing in the product name you are interested in for information about Power Point type http://www.microsoft.com/powerpoint but what happens when you type http://www.microsoft.com/moviemaker and you don’t go to a product page? You will get directed to a search page looking for that term where you can add additional terms to find the product you are interested in. We also talked about how to use the support\knowledge base side of the site http://support.microsoft.com, my big suggestion was to pay attention to the key words a the end of the articles. The keywords are the best words to use in search terms.

The second session was about Windows 7 and Windows Live. I covered several features of Windows 7 that included:

  • Windows Search
  • Desktop Enhancements
  • IE8
  • Windows Easy Transfer
  • Action Center
  • Problem Steps Recorder

A good place for a description of all of these features and more can be found “What’s Coming Windows 7”.

David covered many of the features Live.com including:

  • SkyDrive
  • Photo Gallery
  • Messenger
  • And much more…

We had some comments and questions that generated interest in:

Running Windows 7 on a hello Kitty Netbook
The link to register your Windows 7 Release Candidate (note is looks like you are going to download it but you will not have to do the download)
Where to get the Live applications http://download.live.com/

I think that is all the topics that came up, please leave a comment if I missed something…

We really enjoyed the day and hope we can come back next year for more.

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3 Responses to “My Day at the Southwest Computer Conference”

  1. Dick Hiatt says:

    I know I asked you this at the conference, but I want to be sure. When the final version of Windows 7 comes out, can you install it over the RC keeping your settings and installed programs?


  2. Woody Pewitt says:

    I am sorry but I miss spoke at the event and an upgrade from the Release Candidate to the final version will not be supported. If you install the Release Candidate that we handed out at the show you will need to use the Windows Easy Transfer and reinstall the operating system when the final release comes out.

  3. Ann Martin says:

    Thank you so much for your interesting presentation. You helped to make the Southwest Conference Conference speciaal.