Jul 13 2009

Yep I have a new job…

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I am happy to announce that I have a new job here at Microsoft! This will not change much about my involvement with many things I do today such as Code Camps, BarCamp etc. and it’s not a big change from the outside but inside a big company like Microsoft small things matter.

To recap where I am and where I have been, I was hired by the West Region Developer Platform & Evangelism Team (WRDPE). I started in the group that is now called the Audience Team where I was focused on talking to as many developers in SoCal as I could and making sure others that were talking to developers in SoCal got what they needed from Microsoft. This was a fantastic job and now Lynn Langat & Daniel Egan are doing a great job at it. Then last year about this time I was offered a job in the Customer Team for WRDPE where I would shift focus on enabling and highlighting the success customers have with the overall Microsoft platform and technology. So what’s new? Now Microsoft has me focused on developers, ISV & consultants as well as software startups that are not currently using Microsoft products or technology to show the value, enable and highlight there success they can have with the Microsoft platform. I can see while it will be hard to get non-Microsoft developers attention once I get a chance to understand their goals I know I can show how and what Microsoft has to offer to help them achieve their goals.

So if you are or know any ISVs, consultant shops or startups that want to know more of what Microsoft can offer please put me in touch.

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3 Responses to “Yep I have a new job…”

  1. DDX says:

    Ahh. The mysteries of marketing..

    I discovered a really cool VS2008 feature to compare SQL Server schema objects today. So rock on!

  2. Woody Pewitt says:

    Hey Dwight, Yes it will never stop amazing me either but hey it’s a living ;).

  3. Ron Huber says:

    Hi Woody,

    We didn’t get a chance to meet in Irvine, however I am hoping we can schedule a time to meet soon. My organization is in San Diego and we do a great deal of Drupal integration work. Mainly third party applications like SalesForce and Eloqua, however we have an upcoming project involving Dynamics. All of our clients use one or more enterprise level application and I believe we will see more and more MS centered clients using Drupal for a front end. I would like to be prepared for the market and work with your team to supply the best solution possible. If you have time maybe we can schedule a time to meet in the next couple of weeks.

    I look forward to speaking to you soon,
    Ron Huber
    Achieve Internet