Aug 11 2009

Microsoft @ Drupal Camp LA 2009

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This last weekend myself, Mark Brown & Rob Bagby presented at Drupal Camp LA 2009. Daniel Eagan also was there on Saturday showing off Windows 7 on a big a@@ HP TouchSmart and Jason Campell helped on Saturday with the installfest.

Mark did a great session on the IIS SEO toolkit titled “Boost Your Drupal Site’s SEO with the IIS SEO Toolkit” it motivated me to check the tool out and see how much help I need on this site.

Rob did another great session titled “PHP, Drupal and Microsoft Interop Demothon” where he showed several cool things including the Web Platform Installer, URL Rewriter Module for IIS 7.0, Embedding Silverlight in a Drupal site and more…

I did a session titled “How Microsoft is working with PHP & Drupal” where I talked and demoed some of the investments Microsoft has made around PHP and how PHP developers can get more out of the Windows platform. If you want you can download my deck but note the survey link will not be active much longer. I also got to do the key note where I was introduced as “Microsoft’s Woody” :).

It was a great weekend and I hope the organizers Chris Charlton and Mike Stewart do another Drupal Camp i know I will be there and as always props go to Crystal Williams for getting Drupal Camp going!

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