Aug 26 2009

Get ready for Windows Marketplace for Mobile!

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I can’t say how excited I am about the impending release of the Windows Marketplace for Mobile! I am soooo tired of hearing from my family and friends (yes I have a few) about how awesome the iPhone is. Yes there was a time when people could not believe what a PocketPC or a Windows Smart Phone could do but what is going to make Windows Mobile cool again? Developers! Developers! Developers! As this blog post To Partner or Not To Partner points out Windows Mobile greatest strength and biggest weakness is it’s partners.

I think that once we have some cool rude sound making apps on the Windows mobile platform like iFart (my sons favorite application). To help this I will start covering some topics about development on the Windows mobile platform using the Compact Framework, I have been working with the CF since before it’s 1.0 release and while I have not delivered a solution with it for many years I am always playing with some type of application.

A great place to start is with Rajen Kishna’s blog posting Creating your first Windows Phone (WM 6.5) application once you have this setup you will be all set to start creating some kick a@@ apps!

And just for some fun, this is out dated but I still love this entry iPhone vs Windows Mobile, Email Smackdown and I have to admit I like the new text messaging display of the iPhone, that and the apps are the only thing I like about it. Now with the Marketplace and better class of devices to hit soon I think even my family and friends will have less dig at me about. 😉

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