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Sep 29 2009

Going to PDC? Or not…

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If you are going to the PDC in LA this year or just if you are going to be in town the day before and want to lean Windows 7 Kernel and architectural improvements, new shell integration points and a bunch more (sensors, location, multitouch, graphics libraries ho my) then you should no need to […]

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Sep 24 2009


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Yes we have another spark program at Microsoft but this one is quite different so for review we have had BizSpark for software startups and DreamSpark for students. WebsiteSpark is for small web developers and design companies\shops and yes there is free developer and designer tools and free training resources but the BIG deal with […]

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Sep 19 2009

Get the straight info!

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If you have ever wanted to see where a  Microsoft team blogs check out this list of blogs by products groups BlogMS – Official Microsoft Team Blogs : Official Microsoft Team Blogs / Microsoft Blogs thanks to whoever runs this blog because as strange as it seams there is no inclusive list of MS blogs. […]

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Sep 19 2009

Windows 7 Libraries for Developers

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As is often the case I start to write a bog entry only to find there are many great resource on the web already about what I was going to write about. This time I found the three great resources. From MSDN Magazine: Introducing Libraries From Code MSDN: Windows 7 Libraries: Developer Resources From the […]

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Sep 15 2009

Computer Outlook ‘radio talk show’

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I had the pleasure of once again being a guest on the “Java with John” show on John had several emails from his audience from the last time I was on there talking about Windows 7. While we were doing the show, I got the idea that a lot of what we were talking […]

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Sep 13 2009

Test SL viewer

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Test Text Test Text Test Text Test Text Test Text Test Text Test Text [silverlight:testvid.wmv] Test Text Test Text Test Text Test Text Test Text

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Sep 10 2009

New Blog Software

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I have migrated my blog from dasblog to BlogEngine.NET and wow was that easy. I found several blog entries from others about doing it and I just fallowed along. I did hit a small snag in the blogML importing in to and I had to tweak a line in the BlogImporter class where the […]

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Sep 03 2009

SQL Azure Migration Wizard

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This is just in time to save my bacon SQL Azure Migration Wizard I have had access to the Azure SQL cluster for a while but I just did not want to face the task of converting my local SQL databases to work in Azure. I have yet to use this tool but I will […]

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Sep 02 2009

Good news & bad news about Live Mesh and more

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Microsoft (ok David Treadwell) announced in the blog post Important Updates to Live Services that we will be making Live Framework CTP, Contacts Control (JavaScript) and CTP Tools/ASP.NET Controls unavailable. I hate this because it takes the developer Live Mesh offline but it shows that some development is going on the Mesh concept and at […]

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