Sep 10 2009

New Blog Software

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I have migrated my blog from dasblog to BlogEngine.NET and wow was that easy. I found several blog entries from others about doing it and I just fallowed along. I did hit a small snag in the blogML importing in to and I had to tweak a line in the BlogImporter class where the post.DateModified was set there was some code that was breaking so I just set it to import.PostDate and bam all my old posts were in. I want back in the current branch and this fix was already posed but it?s not correct in the 1.5 final code.

So the big question why did I move to new blog software? Well dasblog is great I have been running to for years but the themes implementation is just not that easy to work with and I can?t create pages off my blog. So how did I decide on BlogEngine.NET? to be honest I cam close to going to WordPress as part of my new job is to know the PHP on Windows experience but I just could not do it. The coding paradigms in BlogEngine.NET are just too familiar (I know I was chicken).

So with the new blog comes a new theme, I will hopefully be getting some more images for the top header soon and I want to be a more up-to-date head shot here as well.

Let me know what you think!

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