Sep 15 2009

Computer Outlook ‘radio talk show’

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I had the pleasure of once again being a guest on the “Java with John” show on John had several emails from his audience from the last time I was on there talking about Windows 7. While we were doing the show, I got the idea that a lot of what we were talking about would be just a little more than abstract for a radio show… So I offered to make some videos that showed off the features we talked about. I have the videos for Libraries and the Problem Steps Recorder completed today and I will get the videos for Windows Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop Access finished soon.

Windows 7 Libraries
[sl-media:, 400, 300]

Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder
[sl-media:, 400, 300]

For more information about Libraries see the Libraries topic of the Windows 7 Features site and for more information about the Problem Steps Recorder see the ?How do I use Problem Steps Recorder? topic in the Windows 7 site. There is some information that developers will need to know about Libraries but that will have to be a different post.

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