Oct 02 2009

Microsoft Releases Antivirus Product!

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Microsoft Security Essentials was released a few days ago, it will help protect consumers against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. This comes from the work we have done with Forefront product family for corporate users so it?s quite robust. I had my father running the beta for quite some time now and he enjoyed the experience.

It?s about time we did this but I know we are going to have some major push back from other antivirus venders. The major players have a lot of other features to there products so they will still have customer demand and we have talked about this for some time so they would have had to be asleep at the wheal if they did not know this was coming.

Let me know what you think I would suggest uninstalling what ever antivirus product you have and then install Microsoft Security Essentials.

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