Nov 05 2009

Thanks Microsoft? Now what’s next?

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Today Microsoft announced another round of layoffs and I was included. It was totally unexpected and there was no explanation other than the (I am sure legally vetted) “reorganize and restructure” answer. I am sure this is how they have handled past layoffs and if you look at the group I am in I can understand how the job I was doing was redundant, if I were management I could see selecting this position for removal. I had a counterpart doing the same job in NorCal and that is the market that Microsoft is more concerned with. I have looked at the current positions Microsoft has open in SoCal and decided not to apply as I would not be a good fit for them. So that leaves me with some thinking to do?

I will brush-up the resume but I really want to take some time to think about what’s next for me and my family. I am sure I will find many interesting opportunities and at least one that I will be excited about. My goal is to find something where I can make big contributions to ensure the success of an organization.

My network access and email will be shut off soon so you can reach me through this blog or use my gmail address

or send a note on facebook or twitter @woodyp.

Thank you to all of the great people I was able to work with at Microsoft, I will look forward to seeing you all in the developer community soon.

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33 Responses to “Thanks Microsoft? Now what’s next?”

  1. Volkan Uzun says:

    I am %100 sure you will find something good for you Woody, thank you for all your work for the community & codecamp

  2. Jason Mauer says:

    Leave it to Word (or Live Writer, whichever MS product) to fuck up the quotes in your blog post 🙂

  3. Richard says:

    Really. Boy, a few surprises today. You’re a rock star and you should be excited about the opportunities that are going to now come your way.

  4. Woody Pewitt says:

    Thanks all for the support. Jason thanks for pointing out the bad charters… I have fixed it.

  5. David Chou says:

    I’m really sorry to see you go Woody. But I’m sure rock stars like you can excel in any environment. Wishing you all the best in your next endeavor. Hope to see you around!

  6. Chris Romp says:

    Dude that sucks. Sorry to hear. Maybe it’s because you have a Gmail email address? j/k

    You’ll kick ass no matter where you end up. See you ’round the nets, I s’pose.


  7. Woody,
    Sorry to hear about the blindside. Impressed by the reaction and reflection. Thinking 2010 will be a good year for you.

    I’m sure we’ll see you at and about soon 🙂

  8. Matthew Camp says:

    Hey Woody, I’m really sorry to hear about that. I’m sure you’ll find a great opportunity somewhere. Thank you for your passion and help in getting the Hawaii .NET User Group Up and running!

  9. Hey Pardner,

    Wow, unbelievable that someone of your caliber would be blindsided that way. Thanks for all your help with the Inland Empire .NET User’s Group. Let me know what you need.

  10. Bill Sheldon says:

    I’m up in Redmond and when I heard what was happening hoped you wouldn’t get caught in the cross-fire. Definitely take your time finding something, look for the right option talk to some people. You’re talented finding something is easy compared to finding the right thing.

    Take the time to enjoy the holidays with your boys.

    Talk to you later,

  11. Steve Lange says:

    I had the wind knocked out of me upon hearing this news, Woody.

    You’re an unbelievably talented individual, and your response to the news only further solidifies your class. Whatever you end up doing, you’ll do great.

    And I do expect for you to make yourself available for a beer whenever I’m in San Diego!

    Take care,

  12. Terrible to see us loose DE’s out west :(, this is terrible. Really wish you all the best moving forward

  13. Glen Gordon says:

    Woody! Sorry to hear about the layoff dude. Best of luck to you!

  14. Selena says:

    What does Microsoft know anyway?! Kidding aside, you have the support of your whole family Wood – you know change is generally for the better….
    Your favorite Sis-in-law

  15. Paige says:

    Hey Brother,
    So sorry to hear this. Your response is amazing! I love you & am so proud of you! This is a big loss for Microsoft & will be a fantastic gain for another company when you find the right fit for you.


  16. Bret Stateham says:

    I am shocked, but at the same time excited for you becuase I know there are great things to come. I was freaked out when I was back on my own at the beginning of this year, but it has turned out to be one of the most exciting years of my career. I know you’ll do awesome!

    Thanks too for all you have done for me and the community! You are one of a kind!

  17. Woody, I am sorry to hear that you and your family are experiencing this. Although you know you’re going to be ok and this probably will lead to something much more exciting and rewarding I can only imagine how awful you felt when you heard it.
    Anyway, of course this will leapfrog your career and the community will benefit from whatever you do next as well.
    Thanks for all you’ve done for the community.
    – Gustavo
    Fresno, CA

  18. Don Mason says:

    Woody –
    Your news just bummed out my day.
    As was stated earlier, your response was one of class. I am confident only good things are ahead for you.


  19. Greg Crowl says:

    Good luck, Woody. You are excellent at what you do, and any company is lucky to have you.

  20. Hey Wood…

    I am really sorry to hear that..

    You are an extremely talented individual and will bounce back and rock a sweet new gig soon..

    Sean Zanganeh

  21. Kirk Evans says:

    Very disappointing news, to say the least. I hope the best for you, this is surely a loss for Microsoft.

  22. Art Villa says:

    One door closes… a better one opens! You are too good to stay on the sidelines for very long.

    Hope to see you at events (CodeCamp?) coming up!


  23. Eileen Rumwell says:

    Woody – you will always be the man 🙂 I expect good things for you in the future – make it so! Keep in touch – let me know where you land and how we can connect. Good luck!

  24. Doug Turnure says:

    So sorry, Woody. I look forward to seeing where you end up next, and am confident it will be a good place.

  25. Jas Sandhu says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the news Woody! Both sad and excited for you at the same time. I’m glad that you’re being so positive. I am looking forward to all the new and exciting things you’re up to. We’re going to have to get together and say good bye in person!

  26. Best wishes. Keep me posted.

  27. OMG. I thought I got out of this past week without anyone I personally knew getting caught in the snare. I’m so sorry, Woody. If you’d like me to shake the tree in my accounts, I’d be happy to although I suspect you’ll be taking some times off like my other friends have.

    I’ve mailed something to you that you might find useful. You know how to reach me.

  28. Sorry to hear Woody! Good luck, I guess good guys like you won’t be without a job long.
    Best, Rutger

  29. Woody you were always a big help to the community and I’m really sorry to hear about this. You are definitely one of the most talented individuals I have met in the SoCal Tech world and I know you will be awesome at your next venture.

  30. Jim Bears says:

    Nice seeing you last night. Sorry to hear about the situation. Having you at Microsoft made them seem less like the Borg!

  31. Bummer. I hope you find something soon and hope to see you at SoCal Code Camp.

  32. Chris Eargle says:

    It appears you’ve had an amazing impact on the communities out West. I’m sad to see you go. In any case, I’m sure you will be fine. If you decide to head to South Carolina, let me know.

  33. Not sure how I missed this Woody! I just realized that this happened to you and Jason via twitter. :/ (I need to do a better job with my RSS reader.)

    Just wanted to drop you a note. You both are MS rockstars and will do well wherever you end up. We should form a DPE Alum group. 😉 Let me know if you’re ever out in TX and I’ll buy you a drink!