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May 21 2010

ISO to USB Tool

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Some time ago I wrote the post Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7 about a tool that would help make a ISO file in to bootable USB drive. Recently I told my father to use that tool and for some reason it did not work but he dug up a new tool from Microsoft that […]

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May 18 2010

My First MindTouch Blog Post

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OK so I have been blogging here for 8 year and for 4.5 years of that time blogging was a function of my job at Microsoft. Now MindTouch as asked that ?Product Management? be responsible for at least a 4 blog posts a week on the MindTouch Blog. As I am ?Product Management? at MindTouch […]

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May 11 2010

Where’s Woody?

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Technorati Tags: MindTouch,Personal,INETA,Job Ok, I admit it, I have gone seriously dark in the last month but I have been busy. On April 12th I started a new job at MindTouch a PHP/Mono Open source company in San Diego. The general reaction has been WTF! I think this reaction stems from those who have always […]

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