May 11 2010

Where’s Woody?

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Ok, I admit it, I have gone seriously dark in the last month but I have been busy. On April 12th I started a new job at MindTouch a PHP/Mono Open source company in San Diego. The general reaction has been WTF! I think this reaction stems from those who have always known me with my Microsoft hat. I still consider myself a Visual Studio/.NET/C# fan boy however, and many of the developers here at MindTouch use Visual Studio. My role at MindTouch is primarily product management, well okay I am the Product Manager, and while I intend to earn check in rights, I have not yet had time to install Visual Studio on my box.

How did I get hooked up with MindTouch? Well, I met Aaron Fulkerson and Steve Bjorg while I was at Microsoft and focused on startups. During that time I tried to find funding to have a white paper written about the experience MindTouch had while creating a Windows installer for their commercial product. I wanted to focus on how the experience gained a lot of new downloads for MindTouch. I found the story about how Microsoft has made efforts to make PHP a first class option on Windows and the market opportunity that Windows has for developers fascinating. Unfortunately no one found the idea as interesting as me and I was not able to find anyone who had the guts to pay for the white paper. Things happen?

So what does MindTouch do? I will let this outstanding video that Mike Diliberto created for the Enterprise 2.0 Launch Pad contest:

How has my community role changed you ask? My role has not changed at all and I remain extremely involved. I am still helping with SoCal Code Camps and the San Diego .NET Developers Group. In addition I have recently taken over as the SoCal INETA Membership Mentor which allows me to help all of the local INETA user groups.

Now that you know where I have been over the last month I would like to close with my commitment to you to start blogging about work on the MindTouch Blog. I will cross post summary here just so you can see what I am up to. My blog will now have a much more community and personal focus.

Until next time?.

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2 Responses to “Where’s Woody?”

  1. Steve says:

    Glad to hear you’re doing well, Woody. Miss ya’, buddy! Up for beers if I find myself in SoCal?

  2. Woody Pewitt says:

    Thanks Steve, I was talking to someone last night and your name came up… I said how I thought you were the prototypical Dev Tools TS out there. I miss making customer calls with you in LA it was always great to see you in action. Beers on me you next trip!