Oct 11 2010

Silicon Valley Code Camp 10

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svcc 051-0001This past weekend I had the pleasure of going to Silicon Valley Code Camp v5.0. It was a a great event, the organizer Peter Kellner and all the supporting volunteers did a everything possible to make it a great event for everyone. I took a lot of notes on how SoCal Code Camp could be improved.

The Silicon Valley Code Camp takes place on the campus of Foothill College, it’s a beautiful place and housed the event quite well. I liked the campus had so many larger rooms available for Code Camp to use, I am not sure but the smallest room I saw could seat at lease 50 people and many 75+ seats rooms. This was important as there were around 1,300 to 1,500 people there.

I worked a sponsor table for DevExpress when I was not in sessions or talking at my session. It was great to get to talk to developers about the controls and tools we make. I learned a lot about the ways or products are being used. There is nothing like talking face to face to people about something to get the full understanding of what they thing.

If you stopped by and said hi thank you!

Mehul Harry did a great blog post “Silicon Valley Code Camp Sets A New Record” that dose even a better job of describing the event.

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