Oct 27 2010

SoCal Code Camp Los Angeles III

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The third annual SoCal Code Camp Los Angeles was last weekend at USC and it was definately a huge success! The Steering Committee of myself, Art Villa, Janet Chung, James Lin, Adnan Masood, Tim Blek, Mike Vincent, Sean Turner, Mark Rosenberg, and Jeetu Maker did a fantastic job! If you did not make it to the event you really missed out! Make plans for the next SoCal Code Camp.

we had 98 great  sessions presented over the two day period with over 700 people who checked in overall! awesome! Only one presenter had to cancel due to a family emergency and a few no-show presenters but overall an amazing amount of knowledge was exchanged and all of it was free for all who participated.  Add the free lunch to that, and you have yourself a fine geeky weekend!

We had some geek fun as well at the vender tables when my fellow Technical Evangelist at DevExpress Bryan Wood brought his iPhone controlled hovercraft (AR Drone) and buzzed random people as they walked by. I think I may need to get one of these things < but shhh,  don’t tell my wife she would kill me if I purchased a $300 toy>  Winking smile.

A  favorite SoCal Code Camp LA moment occured while a few of us were at the check-in desk while we were flying around the cool AR Drone I just told you about. A high school age young man approached and asked what was going on. Turned out, he and his dad were on the USC campus to check out the college. I explained what code camp was all about and he asked if he and his dad could join in any sessions. Of Course, welcome to geekville! We’ll even feed ya!  They wound up staying for 4 sessions and enjoyed a free lunch on us….  how’s that for a deluxe campus tour?

As for Sunday’s lunch,  Janet picked a fantastic taco vender, who prepared and served a great lunch in Founders park. I myself  had about 6 tacos. (Tums, anyone?) Everyone was definately well fed, for sure and the homemade fare was delicious.

Art posted some pictures from the weekend on his FaceBook photo album (20101023 SoCalCodeCamp LA). If you have photos you’d like to share of the weekend (no evidence of my 6 tacos, please)  send me the link and I will update this post with the  link and post  it to the SoCal Code Camp FaceBook page.

Here’s to a great weekend,  to everyone who made it possible, and to So-Cal Code Camp LA 2011! Look for the dates to be posted soon for SoCal Code Camp Fullerton VI on www.socalcodecamp.com.

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