Feb 17 2011

What A Great Customer Experience!

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US-WIFI-MAIN._SX320_V188702410_[1]This last Christmas I told my wife that I wanted an Amazon Kindle and she came through for me (ok she always does). I have been ripping through books at a great pace now, it’s a great device, I have the next book I want to read with me all the time, the screen dose not shoot photons at me so it’s extremely easy on the eye… I could keep going on but I will stop because this is about the one problem I did have.

With my Kindle my brother-in-law got me the Amazon case for my Kindle, it’s a nice case that I liked to use to protect the device as it flops around in my bag. But this last trip I made to the South Florida Code Camp (a great event see my post on it) I forgot my little bag of cables witch included my Kindle charging cable and I could not charge it for the return trip. When I got home I looked on the web for what the expected life of a Kindle battery is and I saw that many people expected 2 weeks or some times better from there Kindle. I had at the most gotten 4 days out of mine so I send a message to Amazon and asked how we could resolve the issue. They asked that I call them to do some trouble shooting, I called and the representative asked about some of the indications and then asked what type of case I had for the device, when I told him the standard Amazon case he said that was most likely the problem the hooks in the case that hold the Kindle in place can drain the battery. My reaction was dam I am screwed remember I got Kindle and the case as a gift but to my shocked surprise he gave me a credit to purchase the Amazon case that has a light in it witch dose not have this problem. I was even more surprised when later that day I went to Amazon.com and ordered it for a total of $0 :). The agent was so nice during the call and the out come was so unexpected that Amazon now has a “Prime” member for life!

Good job Amazon!

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  1. Peg_Mc says:

    +1 on the Amazon customer service – I bought my 2nd generation Kindle a week before the price dropped. One email to Amazon and I had a refund to my credit card for the price difference.

  2. woodyp says:

    I am glad to know I am not the only one who has had a positive experience. Thanks for letting me know.