Mar 11 2011

Outlook Quick Parts

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Today I was introduced to a feature of Outlook that has been around since Outlook 2007 but some how I missed it. The feature (as the title says) is called Quick Parts and it allows you to bring in blocks of predefined text in to a email quickly. So if you are adding the same block of text to a email over and over this is for you! I really wish I had found this a long time ago I can’t say how many time before a SoCal Code Camp I wind up answering the same type of questions.

So why have I never seen this feature? Will the truth is I was most likely asleep at the wheel at some point but it’s also quite hidden.


As you can see from the image above (click to see full size) the “Quick Parts” drop down is on the Insert tab (seen in red) in Outlook and I don’t know about you but I don’t spend much time looking at anything other than the Message tab. You can also see I have added it to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top (seen in dark yellow) so I don’t have to switch to the Insert tab to add or create a Quick Part.


You can see in this image that I have opened a email and am adding a “Building Block” in the Quick Parts Gallery (not sure what that implies but that is for another day). I then added a Category of “Work” where I want the block to reside. Now I  can use this as a template for an event repost that I use from work.

To use this new Quick Part all I have to do is open a new email and either go to the Insert tab and press Quick Part or for me press the Quick Part button that I have added to my Quick Access Toolbar.


I hope this will help you as much as I am sure it will help me for more information you can see the blog post Living in Outlook: Using Quick Parts by the Outlook Team.

Update: I also have found you can right on one of your Quick Parts to get a menu where you get some neat options. (ok and I fixed some spelling as well<g>)


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  1. Reminds me of the Text Template plug-in for Windows Live Writer, which is a real time-saver. I’ll have to look into Quick Parts…probably something I’ll use regularly.


  2. woodyp says:

    Thanks Andrew, I did not know about the Text Template plug-in for Windows Live Writer until now.