May 05 2011

This Developers Life 1.0.1

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Today on my walk (yes I try and walk every day, I fail most days) I turned my Zune to This Developers Life podcast that I have had queued up for about 3 months. Let me fill in a little when I walk I typically listen to Hansel Minutes and .Net Rocks or some loud hard pumping music if I don’t feel like walking. I had heard some good things about This Developers Life all round but I had always thought the time was better spent trying to learn something or at least getting exposed to things that I would normally get exposed to. What got me wright this blog post was how in just the first show Rob Conery did a fantastic job of bringing to life experiences that every developer at some level has experienced. I am a fan of the show This America Life but with This Developers Life it hit a lot closer to home and therefore is more interesting to me. If you have not gotten a chance to tune in to This Developers Life I would suggest you do.


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  1. Camey says:

    I completely agree. I love the other two podcasts as well. Both of them are technology-centric, bringing the latest in software development tools and techniques, as well as the people who are making things happen in the world of software development.

    For This Developer’s Life, Rob and Scott look in other directions, the human side, the flaws, strengths, what makes us tick, what ticks us off. I like having that podcast as a balance to the others. And I’ve got favorite episodes that I listen to multiple times.

  2. woodyp says:

    Camey I look forward to finding some favorites for sure, I am glad I am not the only one who digs it.


  3. Camey says:

    One of the things I like is the realization that I’m not alone. Granted, I know this intellectually, but not always emotionally. Listening to devs who seem much more accomplished talk about their insecurities, their quirks, what drives them — helps me to see that I do belong in this tribe after all. The podcast is inspiring, entertaining, informational.