May 06 2011

Healthful Working (I hope)

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So greatly inspired by my fell San Diegan Mitch Wagner I have decided to take the plunge and get a standing desk. You can read his experience starting with his post Getting ready to try a standing desk it seams to have worked out well for him and from the other reading I have done it has been good for a lot of people.

I ordered the Black Manual Base desk base from Height Adjustable Work Table. If should be here early next week, I could have gone for a nice simple solution that Mitch did with just adding something on my desk to give me the extra height. The problem is I don’t have room in my office to allow me to have a temporary sitting place and I use three monitors so the thought of moving them was a little much.

I was a little cheep by getting the manual base and not the electric base but I can use the Electric Upgrade Kit for the same price differential (ok except for additional shipping) as getting now. The only problem I have to solve if I can attach the desk draws that I currently have on to this new base.

I will repost back as I build and move to the new setup but if you use or have used a standing desk I would like to hear your experiences.

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