May 12 2011

Day two with the Standup Desk

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I finished assembling my new standing desk on Friday so I did some time at the desk over the weekend but Monday was my first day. By the end of the my feet were sore but at the same time I felt much more energetic. Tuesday I went to the DevExpress office witch is a two hour train ride and then sat all day, I was fidgety all day. I could not wait to get back to my home desk.

So today I did the whole day in front of the new desk and except for the need to get my new eye glass prescription filled I am 100% satisfied with the setup!

I had commented in my video when I put together the desk about the crank not reaching the front of the desk. I ordered another piece that goes from the base to the crank (in the directions the part is identified as “0.12”). Flex Table was super, they got me the part the next day and today the entire desk is 100% operational, I just had my oldest boy (Max) crank it all the way down and back up.

At the end of day two once again my feet are sore but no more then if I had been walking all day. I will not be home all next week while I am at TechEd but I will miss my new setup. I will post an update after I have worked a few days in a row in front of the new desk.

To get back the the eye glasses thing I got a new prescription in January but I guess while sitting down I would lean in to my screens. With the standing position I can’t lean in as easily and while I have pulled all my screens closer to me on the desk it’s still not enough so I hope the new glasses will help. It will be the first time in more then 11 years since I have gotten new glasses I am am sure it will be strange for me.

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