Oct 05 2011


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I can’t believe I have missed this tool for so long but just today while starting to create some services for SoCal Code Camp I found the LINQPad tool and wow.

If you have not taken a look I would suggest you do so.


You can see from this screenshot I have connected to the SoCal Code Camp data base and right clicked on the Sessions table. I have already selected the “from” menu but am showing what the right click menu looks like.

I truly suggest you check this tool out if you are going to be working with LINQ it’s a great learning and prototyping tool. If you have used it I would like to know what you think!

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5 Responses to “LINQPad”

  1. Jon B says:

    I’m still only just learning to make halfway decent use of LINQ, and as a beginner who is used to plain old SQL, this tool has helped me get a handle on how to write LINQ queries that are equivalent to SQL, which I have a much easier time writing. I give this tool two thumbs up, and if I had a third, it would get that one too. Love it!!

  2. woodyp says:

    Thanks Jon for the feedback I am glad I am not the only one who likes this application.

  3. Mike Adams says:

    I was trying to get the schedule in its XML format so I could LINQpad to generate my own custom agenda for Code Camp. LINQPad is awesome.

    Did you buy the intellisense support?

    Try to search the samples. That is a wonderful example of “eating your own dog food” (or however that phrase goes)

  4. woodyp says:


    I Assume you are looking for a XML of the next code camp schedule. If so I hope to publish a service tomorrow evening at services.socalcodecamp.com that will let anyone who wants to pull the data. I will post information on the socalcodecamp.com site when it’s up.

    And yes I did get the intellisense support it makes the product if you ask me. I can’t believe the party of the editor with VS.

    I will blog about my experiences so far soon about how I am using just LINQPad to do all my demos for my .NET Fundamentals class at UCSD.

  5. Woody,
    I work with some peeps who build full applications with LinqPad.
    A really amazing and powerful tool!