Oct 18 2011

How does your password hold up?

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securepasswordgeneratortips08-300x214[1]I heard an interesting story yesterday on KPBS about password strength and ways to make passwords easy to remember but still quite hard to crack. The concept is simple use a short easy to remember password and then add a number of the same charter or a pattern of charters.

Any example would be “Do!t……………………” or “Do!t<!><!><!>” you can see both are a variant of “DoIt” and then a pattern of charters after. In the story they point you to a online tool that can measure the time it would to take to crack a password. You can see this tool at https://www.grc.com/haystack.htm, I have validated that it dose not send any data back over the internet so while I would normally say never enter your password to test it in to a page this page it is ok.

I hope it will help you make and use more secure passwords in the future!

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