Dec 24 2011

Now a little update…

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king_logo%20high%20res%20050208[1]OK I know I have let this space go a little dark, I have recently taken a new job at King Schools as the Director of Software Development. King Schools provides aviation education and information and there largest mechanism to deliver this content is software. The company has been around so long now that software delivery of educational content is the third mode of delivery. John and Martha King started King Schools in the 70s and have enjoyed great success and much recognition for the quality and enthusiasm for flying.

I am not a pilot but my father was a Naval aviator and many of his friends were and are still quite involved with the industry so I have grown up around this industry and I am constantly amazing myself at how much I know about the industry though just pure osmosis.

The software environment is a mish mash of software platforms and architectures like many other companies that have been in business for a long time. I have been trying to determine the best way forward and I am feeling like I am getting a handle on things. We are moving forward with developing new delivery frameworks with a combination of Entity Framework, MVC, some WCF and all UI in HTML and HTML5. This all good for me as I am up on all of this except for the HTML5 canvas element with is where I want to go with a lot (not all) of the UI rendering. I look forward to seeing what we are going to be able to do with it in the long run.

I am sure I will start to blog more often again now that I think I have my head wrapped around this place, I would like to know what anyone who stumbles on this thinks of UIs rendered in HTML5 using the canvas element epically if you have any pit falls I can learn from.

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