Jul 20 2012

Back to Evangelism!

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Today day is my last day at King Schools, the time here has be fantastic! I have enjoyed working with everyone at King Schools and been truly impressed with how John and Martha run there business. They have build a great company around there passion for flying while enabling many other people learn to fly. I simply can’t express how dedicated the King’s and every individual that works for them is to get the best training content in to the hands of students. Every day I see the feedback from the people who use the content from King Schools and can’t believe how much people simply glow about how they liked the content. For the first time as a software professional I saw absolutely fantastic feedback from a user base. I will truly miss King Schools!

Now as for where I am going… let me start by telling you how I got pulled in to the new job. At King Schools (and my own interest) there is a need to deliver applications on mobile devices, customers were demanding it and it’s becoming expected more a more at the smart phone market grows. I have done mobile development on Microsofts CE platform for along time (we are really talking a really long time here) and I had played with Windows Phone 7, iOS & Android development and creating at least two platform specific applications at King Schools was just impossible with the constraints we had on development. So as I was looking in to options I received an out of the blue email from my old buddy Doug Seven offering to reveal something wonderful if I was willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement. That’s right with no further information information I signed on the bottom line and waited, a week or so later Doug had a web based meeting for myself and several other people he had gotten to sign as well. I was simply astounded at what he showed us and a few days later I was working with Icenium my self. I commented to Doug when I saw him at the MVP summit that I liked the product a lot and would be inserted in working on the team when they really had something ready to go to market with. I was thinking they would be a year or so before they would be ready so imagine my surprise when he contacted me just a month or so later.

Well here I am, just posting this as I walk out of King Schools and getting on an airplane to go to the Telerik headquarters at 6:50a tomorrow to meet my new team and find out what I will really be doing for the next few years. I am really looking forward to getting to help in the success of Telerik & Icenium!

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  1. So, I was right. You *are* going on the road as the lead singer of a boy band.