Aug 08 2012

Super quick Introduction to HTML5

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Super quick introduction to html5 from Woody Pewitt

Last night I presented to the San Diego .NET Developers Group about HTML5. I was surprised that no one in the audience was currently rendering HTML5 so I think this was a good topic for them.

The over all premise of my talk was that if anyone went searching for HTML5 content you most often find content around video playback, Scalable Vector Graphics or the canvas. All topics worthy or exploring but to be the simple functionality of the new form elements (or I should say the promise) is where HTML5 gets some nice functionality. This also really affects mobile browser space as device browsers will more and more use the new form types to customize data entry for the end user. So when you are asking for a email the device might have a custom keypad for that type of entry.

Support for the new form elements is quite spotty which you can test your browsers at Lets take a look at the new elements (the list below is just the new elements all old elements are still supported).

<input type=”date” />

<input type=”datetime” />

<input type=”email” />

<input type=”month” />

<input type=”number” />

<input type=”range” />

<input type=”tel” />

<input type=”time” />

<input type=”url” />


As you can guess having specialized functionality for these inputs would greatly enhance data entry on a desk top or limited form factor device. In previous versions of HTML we would have to had to add a considerable amount of extra markup and JavaScript to get things like a calendar to popup.

Jan Kleinert from Google did a nice explanation on all the new elements and the new attributes that can be used on them. Check it out Making Forms Fabulous With HTML5.

Soon I will do some screen shots from various devices to see how well they support the new form elements and attributes.

And I want to apologize to everyone who was at the meeting, I was running a fever and was not at the top of my presenting game.

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