Nov 20 2012

Hello World

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This is a post cross posted from my work blog at I will not be cross posting much but I wanted to make sure anyone who looks here knows what I am up to.

OK, I know that is just too easy of a title for this blog post, but hey, I am posting here for the first time. I wanted to take time in my first post here to introduce myself and I hope to explain what I am trying to do as your representative to the Icenium product group. Then, I will want to hear from you to see what I really should be doing.

My name is Woody Pewitt and I have been in the software development business for just too long to admit. I have been an entrepreneur, software developer, development manager, product manager and many other things in this crazy exciting space that we all have decided to make a living in. For Icenium I am your Developer Advocate – my goal in this role is to help you get the information you want and need to be successful with Icenium. It is also to communicate the feedback you give straight back to the development team. The crazy thing about my job is that you all have almost the same level of communication with the development team as I do thanks to the Forums accessible at our Community page. Every post to the forums gets seen by our development team. We often have conversations about the posts there to make sure we are answering and addressing your comments, questions and requests as best as we can.

Currently, I am working on a set of short videos introducing various features of Icenium.  You can see them as we post them on the Icenium YouTube account. We also have some demo projects posted to the Icenium GitHub account. You can clone any of the demos there and work with them. We will be adding more demos over time so there should be plenty for you to see there but I want to know what we are missing. I am also doing a lot of traveling to shows in order to help introduce Icenium, you can keep up to date with where I will be on the Community page or even in my TripIt profile. If I am going to be close to you please let me know, I always want to meet people and understand what we can do better for them.

I think that is enough about me and what I am trying to do – now it’s your turn let me know what you want to see me do. Please feel free to leave a comment, post requests, or just email me!

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