Aug 16 2019

Wow it’s been a while

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I am sure no one but myself really looks at this site, but if you are reading this, then you have too much time on your hands.
Let me explain what I have been up to in the last few years.

First, I intentionally took a step back from the developer community, this was for many reasons but mostly for my family. In that time, I have had the opportunity to do many exciting things. With the world moving to the cloud, I have also moved to most of my architectures to the cloud.

I got to help Epic Sciences to move to a high bread cloud-based solution where internal laboratory system integrated with AWS based API for external partners. At the same time moved to massive storage of images from a 15k per month on-site storage solution to a less than 1k per month cloud-based solution. I will not even bring in the cost savings to the air conditioning they saved. I really enjoyed my time at Epic as the system I was helping to build was enabling really early prostate cancer. My father is a prostate cancer survivor, so I was happy to help others get an early diagnosis. Some of the technologies that were used to develop the solution were to use.NET core (pre-release and went live with 1.0). We hosted the services in Elastic Beanstalk instances with a simple API gateway. This allowed the services to scale as needed but also kept costs down. It was interesting to be using .NET core at that time. We build a full AWS build test and deploy infrastructure. It allowed for a great check in to dev experience so as developers did check-ins we had real-time information on the regression of the code base as well as new capabilities.

My next experience was in a different industry… The company is ReverseVision where they have a Windows-based application that enabled mortgage brokers to give information and do reverse mortgages. This industry and the product was soooooo outside of my experience but with the great people at ReverseVision I was quickly able to understand the industry. Big call out to Jim Magner & John Button for running a great show and having a great vision, it was hard to leave. While I was at ReverseVision I got the opportunity to once again .NET core development in AWS. I architected a new set of serverless APIs that enabled partners to integrate ReverseVisions capabilities into the partner’s solutions. This allows brokers to bring reverse mortgages as options for more clients.

I am currently working with Solliance doing much more mundane tasks of working on helping to scale Solliance’s business. Using Azure DevOps, we are implementing many internal systems and processes to allow for organizational-wide visibility. At the same time, I am now fully engaged in delivering solutions on Microsofts Azure platform. I hope to do more posts about the difference of experience I have had with Azure and AWS.

I would love to hear of any of your experience using AWS vs Azure.

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