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Ok if you got here you must be really bored but you are here so I will tell you a little about myself. I am a geek of long standing, I have always liked technology from the days of taking apart things as a kid or playing with my TRS 80 16k Color computer. I live in the inland part of San Diego’s north county.

I also helped start SoCal Code Camp where they enable the SoCal technical community to present on topics of interests letting geeks of all stripes in SoCal interact and learn from each other. I also was the local SoCal INETA membership mentor where I tried to help local user groups communicate and support the local community.

I have been an Evangelist at Microsoft in Southern California, driving the awareness and advocating Microsoft development technologies. I have been a product manger for an Open source startup and many other jobs in software world.  I am an experienced developer, teacher/trainer and a part-time instructor at University of California San Diego. Over my career I have worked on software and system architecture, code, development and infrastructure reviews and analysis of several Fortune 500 companies for scalability, security, performance and standards & practices. I have also been an author, having written Microsoft Official Curriculum and has authored several published magazine articles.

Prior to my time in technology I was an electronic technician in the United States Navy.

I will do the normal and say some day I will put more information here for now go to for more information [in reality I will not add anything else 😉].

The thoughts and comments expressed in my blog posts are my own and not my employer (past or current).

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  1. Jeff Schaefer says:

    Hi Woody, I am wondering if So Cal Code Camp is no longer happening. The site is down, domain name expired; and before that, there were no announcements I could find of any future code camps in southern California. Any insight you can share?


    – Jeff

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