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Oct 05 2011


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I can’t believe I have missed this tool for so long but just today while starting to create some services for SoCal Code Camp I found the LINQPad tool and wow. If you have not taken a look I would suggest you do so. You can see from this screenshot I have connected to the […]

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Sep 27 2010


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I have recently recently started to use a new search engine, that’s right no more Bing for me… OK Bing is my home page in Internet Explorer because I love the pictures but I don’t use IE much any more. As you can see from the image the new engine is called DuckDuckGo, I can’t […]

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Sep 10 2010

RE: Microsoft: Stop the shiny object syndrome

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Following a tweet from @timheuer I found @mossyblog‘s blog it’s a great read and I am sure I will be up late all this weekend reading it. What really got my attention was the fist post I read Microsoft: Stop the shiny object syndrome. it hit home in a big way! I have been […]

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Jun 22 2010

MindTouch is headed to OSCON 2010

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Cross post from MindTouch Blog We are set. MindTouch is again participating in OSCON in Portland, OR. Drop by our booth in the expo hall or join us at our Birds of a Feather networking session. At either venue you will have the opportunity to meet many others just like you who are interested in […]

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May 21 2010

ISO to USB Tool

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Some time ago I wrote the post Bootable USB Drive for Windows 7 about a tool that would help make a ISO file in to bootable USB drive. Recently I told my father to use that tool and for some reason it did not work but he dug up a new tool from Microsoft that […]

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May 11 2010

Where’s Woody?

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Technorati Tags: MindTouch,Personal,INETA,Job Ok, I admit it, I have gone seriously dark in the last month but I have been busy. On April 12th I started a new job at MindTouch a PHP/Mono Open source company in San Diego. The general reaction has been WTF! I think this reaction stems from those who have always […]

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Mar 24 2010

The books I read on my “break”

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As I said in my post “OK Its Official Now”. When I was unemployed and between Microsoft and Neudesic I set some simple commitments to keep me motivated and more importantly to simply ensure I got out of bed each day. One of the commitments was to read a non-technical book a day. I came […]

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Mar 18 2010

How to create web sites for mobile clients talk

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This last Tuesday I had the pleasure of giving a talk to the San Diego ASP.NET group about developing a web site for mobile clients. The talk did not have a lot of code but we did look at the difference of how simple HTML renders vs. using the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit. I should […]

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Jan 16 2010

OK Its Official Now

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Well, I have landed but before I talk about where let me tell you what I have been doing with myself. November 11th was technically my last day with Microsoft but the 6th was my hard deadline for completing all projects. The weekend of the 7th my son and I had a campout planned with […]

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Nov 12 2009

I’m back sort of? OK more on the hunt

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It has been a short-down time but I can tell I will go stir-crazy quickly if I don’t get back to working soon. The pace at Microsoft was so intense that having little to do has been a shock to my system. I still am not sure what I would like to do, but I […]

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