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Nov 12 2009

Visual Studio does Linux

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It looks like Novell has made it easy for .NET developers to create and deploy Mono based applications to Linux. This should scare Microsoft quite a bit, one of Microsoft’s big concerns is to win server market share on the internet. They have created the WebsitSpark program just try to attract PHP developers to deploy […]

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Nov 05 2009

Thanks Microsoft? Now what’s next?

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Today Microsoft announced another round of layoffs and I was included. It was totally unexpected and there was no explanation other than the (I am sure legally vetted) “reorganize and restructure” answer. I am sure this is how they have handled past layoffs and if you look at the group I am in I can […]

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Oct 30 2009

Thought for the day?

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Oct 22 2009

Yet more ways to learn

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@ritzy is not going to like this post but? After the ASP.NET User Group the other night I went and had dinner with Mark Rosenberg and Tim McCarthy and I asked Tim if he was planning on attending PDC. The surprising answer I got was ?No why would I? I can get so much content […]

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Oct 21 2009

What’s New in Visual Studio 2010

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Last night I was able to present to the San Diego ASP.NET Users Group about Visual Studio 2010 and after some difficulties in downloading the Beta 2 the day before I was able to show the latest Beta. On the cool factor I think the editor Zoom was a hit and many of the new […]

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Oct 19 2009

Are you still using VSS?

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Your crazy! Please please please stop it? it hurts for me to say that but it?s true. I have a long history with Visual Source Safe starting with it when it was a One Tree Software product and it rocked but we must recall this was 1992 or so when I started using it. Now […]

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Oct 19 2009

Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010

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Just in time for my presentation to the San Diego ASP.NET group tomorrow we have released the second beta to MSDN subscribers today and everyone can get it on the 21st. Go get it! Visual Studio Beta 2 Page  Technorati Tags: Visual Studio

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Oct 02 2009

Microsoft Releases Antivirus Product!

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Microsoft Security Essentials was released a few days ago, it will help protect consumers against viruses, spyware and other malicious software. This comes from the work we have done with Forefront product family for corporate users so it?s quite robust. I had my father running the beta for quite some time now and he enjoyed […]

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Sep 29 2009

Going to PDC? Or not…

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If you are going to the PDC in LA this year or just if you are going to be in town the day before and want to lean Windows 7 Kernel and architectural improvements, new shell integration points and a bunch more (sensors, location, multitouch, graphics libraries ho my) then you should no need to […]

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Sep 24 2009


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Yes we have another spark program at Microsoft but this one is quite different so for review we have had BizSpark for software startups and DreamSpark for students. WebsiteSpark is for small web developers and design companies\shops and yes there is free developer and designer tools and free training resources but the BIG deal with […]

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